February 16, 2013 
6th annual Cupids & Canines event benefiting the Western PA Humane Society and The Bow Wow Buddies Foundation!  This year's amazing event took place at Cefalo's Club & Lounge in Carnegie.  Pics In A Pod was super excited to be part of such an amazing event!  Looking to add a new member to your family, check out all the adoptable pets at www.pahumane.org.  Special thanks to the booth sponsor, Prudential Realty. Check out the photos here.

February 22, 2013  
The props were flying and memories being made at the Avonworth Middle School Winter Social.  The boys were all about dressing up and snapping pics.  The line was long but we managed to get everyone in the booth, a few times Check out your photos here.   

March 9, 2013  
Sweet photos were taken during Ayesha's Sweet 16 at the Westmoreland Country Club in Westmoreland, PA.  These girls were non stop clicking photos and getting their groove on with DJ Jason.  Check out your photos here.

March 23, 2013  
Eli Eli O! turned ONE and Pics In A Pod got to celebrate in the barn yard fun! Check out all the pudgy fun here.

April 7, 2013  
What a wonderful way to start off the wedding season and Pics In A Pod's very FIRST wedding!  We shared in the celebration of Evan & Gabriella at Pinnacle Golf Club in Grove City, Ohio.  A beautiful day!  Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness.  Check out at all  your picture perfect memories here

May 14,  2013
Although we did not have a lot of time to play during the Heinz-unleash the Power annual awards evening, we still managed to capture the corporate world with their hair down. Thanks for demonstrating that grown ups can have fun too!  See all the antics here!

 June 4,  2013
There are many milestones in life, and Jay's High School Graduation is no exception!  The Chartiers County Club was a perfect venue for Pics In A Pod Photo Booth to preserve the memories of all those who came out to share in the celebration of this very special day! Check out all your photos here!

July 20, 2013
Jason & Jennifer's wedding reception at Julian's Banquet Hall was SO much fun!  A chance meeting at a Walmart Bakery led to "I Do" and one of the funniest Best Man toasts we have ever heard!  Who knew that "packing for Grandmas" could lead to a PennDOT nightmare!  Friends and Family lined up to share in the creation of these wonderful picture memories.  Thank you both for allowing Pics In A Pod to share in your very special day! Check out your photos here.

July 27, 2013  
The Alpine Room at SNPJ was a perfect setting for Joe & Michelle's "fairy tale" wedding.  And, as in all good fairy tales, this chance meeting led to yet another "happily ever after"!  Congratulations to "Princess Michelle" and "Prince Joe"!   Your family and friends are guaranteed to keep you laughing.  Enjoy your pics here :) 

August 3, 2013
So much fun partyin' with my peeps from work!  see all the fun here

September 1, 2013
Matt & Saki celebrated their wedding at the Valley Brook Country Club with an elegant Japanese flair.  Saki's father gave a most heartfelt toast to the newlyweds that brought everyone to tears.  This was a wonderful celebration of two families once separated by oceans now joined by love.  See all the family fun here.

September 7, 2013
Bethany & Kenny shared wedding bliss at the St Clair Country Club in the South Hills.  Pics In a Pod wishes you a life of love and laughter and hoping no ever has to go down a hill in a 55 gallon drum again.  :0)  Enjoy your pics here!

September 21, 2013
Micheal & Ashley celebrated a beautiful wedding despite the heavy rain.  They were such great sports with plan "C" for the ceremony and then the sun broke through the clouds for all to enjoy the outdoor reception.  The Gathering Place in Darlington, PA turned out to be the perfect setting for this perfect wedding!  See all your pics here

July 21, 2013  
We were thrilled to be a part of Bri's graduation!  What a amazing young lady with a very bright future.  We managed to survive the heat at the South Strabane Community Park while snapping great pics, munching on delicious food, and sharing conversation with family and friends. Enjoy your next life adventure Bri! Check out your photos here.

October 5, 2013
Such a beautify day to celebrate a beautiful couple on top of Blue Knob. Kyle and Ashley showed us love has no limitations.  The love Kyle showed for his mother that day ensures that he will love Ashley even more.  Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of this very special day.  Feel the love here!

October 26, 2013
PicsInAPod and Hinkledire Entertainment were thrilled to be a part of this inaugural event in South Park on 10.26.13.  The Walk and Roll for GBS-CIDP is the new signature walk fundraising campaign of the GBS-CIDP Foundation International. This national Walk is designed to support the thousands of families forced to face the challenges caused by CIDP, GBS and its variants.  Despite the chilly morning and winds, several teams came out to show their support, raise funds and walk to spread awareness of this rare disease.  See all the photos here!
(Guillain-Barré (Ghee-yan Bah-ray) Syndrome is an inflammatory disorder of the peripheral nerves outside the brain and spinal cord. CIDP (Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy) is a rare disorder of the peripheral nerves characterized by gradually increasing weakness of the legs and, to a lesser extent, the arms.)

October 26, 2013 
Celebrating his 1st birthday in style, Miles, decked out in his lobster outfit, was joined by his mermaid mom and friendly whale dad and many other dressed up family and friends at the Bistro To Go & Company on the North Side.  Each photo was placed in an album to create the perfect keepsake to remember this monumental day.  See all the fun here.

November 6, 2013
It's about time!  Danielle said YES! to Adam on 8.31.13.  We have all waited for this magic moment for this most wonderful couple to finally agree to forever.  Pics In A Pod was overjoyed to be a part of this celebration.  Feel the love here.

December 13, 2013
The "surprise" photo booth was the hit of the Family Medicine Christmas Party for these co-workers.  After the year in review EVERYONE took part in a lil fun in the booth.  Merry Christmas!  See the holiday fun here.

December 31, 2013
Surrounded by family and friends, the ringing of the New Year at St Jude's Parish came with a joke contest, door prizes, great music by Hinkledire Entertainment and of course the Pod was there to capture all of the fun!  Cheers to 2014 here.